Restaurant design and rebrand for Taco Zulu


New restaurant interior and rebrand for Taco Zulu Umhanga.

Millhouse has been instrumental in designing interiors for Taco Zulu for the last 12 years, being involved in the interior and brand development when the purchased from the original operators. With a long history in the brand and being part of its journey, Millhouse was asked to move the brand north with a new store interior and total rebrand in Umhlanga.

The space featured aspects that survived various incarnations but the details from the original "The Dutch were still in good condition such as the pressed steel ceilings, the Indonesian carved wood door and the bar. We decided to keep these as homage to the past and to build on in, creating a characterful new home for the brand.

The concept is fun, vibey dining with plenty of attitude - a classic take on Mexican style with upscale finishes. The signage was designed to break the skyline and create an interesting silhouette to the facade that is instantly recognisable and will become iconic over time.

The new identity has a more classic Mexican feel and is complimented by a range of wordmarks that can be used interchangeably in various applications creating a library of visual marks for the brand.

Seating and tables were made to spec in Cape Town from solid timber with other finishes made and sourced locally.

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