A Brand Refresh for Leading Accounting Professionals with a Global Reach

Transforming the brand experience for leading accounting professionals with a global reach through a strategic brand refresh. Discover the results!

At Millhouse, we embarked on an exciting journey with a longstanding client, collaborating for over a decade. This recent project involved a comprehensive brand refresh, strategically designed to provide an enhanced experience and effectively communicate with a new demographic – Gen Z. Our client, Accensis, recognized the significance of this demographic as they actively employ Gen Z trainee accountants. To attract and engage this specific audience, our brand communication strategy focused on promoting the firm as an ideal workplace, considering Gen Z's unique perspectives on employment and work-life balance.

Our challenge was to successfully shift the brand's focus toward a younger audience while ensuring the existing clientele and older age groups remained connected. The brand refresh encompassed a complete redevelopment of various elements, including the logo, stationery, interior decor, signage, Webflow website, social media, and email marketing. The outcome is a harmonious suite of complementary brand assets, working seamlessly together to deliver a consistent image and experience across multiple touchpoints.

Leveraging platforms that facilitate smooth collaboration within the team, we ensured easy communication and coordination throughout the brand refresh process. The new identity is optimized to resonate with the intended audiences, capturing their attention and fostering a strong connection. By striking a balance between attracting Gen Z talent and maintaining loyalty from existing clients, we achieved a brand refresh that propels Accensis forward while honoring its trusted reputation.

Discover the transformed brand experience created by Millhouse, empowering Accensis as leading accounting professionals with a global reach.