Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions

The scope or work to be determined on consultation. Only on receipt of the final invoice – will you receive delivery on quoted work, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The quote does not include any unlisted outsourced services that may be required, such as photography, copy writing etc. Millhouse provides a full agency service and can provide these services. Where required we can coordinate specialists from our list of preferred partners.

Is there anything missing on this proposal that was previously agreed? Let us know before signing and paying the deposit. It is critical we both know what is expected from each other prior to starting.

Signing on the dotted line and subsequent payment forms your contractual acceptance of this proposal and the terms thus set out.

Deposit and Final Payment

Millhouse asks for 50% of the fee up front due to the fragile and precarious nature of releasing and showing unique ideas prior to being paid. The final 50% is due towards completion of the project. Only when the final payment has been received will any requested files be delivered. Only on this final payment will full rights to the artwork be transferred.

Millhouse can only secure this project into the schedule on receipt of the deposit. If there is any kind of delay at this point, other projects may take priority. This is not to pressure you in any way, it’s just so you know where you stand in terms of scheduling.

Once deposit is received, we will forward on a receipt of the payment then be in touch with getting further information in preparation for the start of the project.

Preferred method of payment is EFT.

Company Information

Millhouse Design Pty Ltd
Company Reg. No. 2021/926054/07
Director: MSC Viljoen
11 Glenroy Road, Westridge, 4091, Durban, ZA

Bank Details

Bank: First National Bank
Name: Millhouse Design Pty Ltd
Acc No: 62920542893
Branch No: 250655

Ownership and Rights

All preparation materials, sketches, visuals, including the electronic files used to create the project remain the property of Millhouse. The final artwork/digital files will become the property of the client mentioned in this proposal ONLY upon final payment of the project.

We cannot stress enough that if final payment is NOT received as agreed and set out in the initial proposal, all designs and concepts will remain the property of Millhouse until payment is received. If there are issues with the final payment, Millhouse then reserves the right to reuse or amend any of these ideas for other clients or to be used freely as concepts in our portfolio.

Should the client attempt to use / modify / alter / replicate or steal any of our ideas without making agreed final payment, we will seek legal counsel.

Millhouse reserves the right to show any artwork, ideas, sketches created for this project in a portfolio as examples of client work. This can be during the project and also on completion. If you have any specific ‘secrecy / stealth mode’ requirements, please mention this before agreeing to the proposal.

Final payment ensures that ONLY the agreed designs becomes the clients property. Any previous ideas / concepts remain the property of Millhouse, unless any prior agreement has been made.


We sincerely request that you trust Millhouse to do the job you are paying us to do. That you will take on board our suggestions and ideas to be in your best interests. Creativity is central to what we do and we employ a well proven creative process, that involves various stages, culminating in final testing, approval and launch.

Cancellation During Project

If you choose to cancel the project midway through, where ideas and proposals have been submitted, refund of previous payment is not possible. However, depending on the work completed and overall budget, a portion of the funds ‘may’ be returned. If we are unable to complete the project due to unforeseen circumstances a portion of the overall budget will be returned. In most cases the complete amount will be refunded. If the work so far completed can be used for another design company to pick up, then a percentage will be refunded based on work completed or any other reasonable suggestion will be considered.

Project Suspension

We reserve the right to suspend any project if a client: interferes with excessive micromanaging, demonstrates a continued lack of trust and inability to move forward after showing more than a reasonable number of unique ideas / concepts and / or shows reluctance in paying the final payment.

Fair notice will be given with fair chance to remedy the situation without resorting to project suspension or termination. Any suspension or termination will not result in any refunds.

Approval Process

By signing you are accepting the terms and conditions contained in this proposal. Once you have signed and filled in the details opposite, please email back to us on michael@millhouse.co.za.

Once you have signed and sent back this proposal, please arrange the first payment so that we can get started with the project. Until this payment is received, we cannot book your project in, and other jobs may take precedence in this time. On receipt of the signed proposal, we will also forward onto you an invoice for your records and any receipts for payments thus received.

We thoroughly look forward to working with you on this project and very much appreciate you reaching out to us for your creative needs.