Branding for nonprofits: Community Chest Durban Complete Rebrand

New Brand Strategy for Community Chest Durban, featuring complete redesign of identity, website, and brand assets. Expert branding for nonprofits.

Millhouse was commissioned to rebrand well known NPO Community Chest Durban including a new design strategy, identity website and brand assets.

We created a new identity that retains the visual recognisability, thus maintaining the brand equity whilst building a modern identity that creates a congruent brand personality across all touchpoints.

We created a branding asset management hub that acts as the source of truth. In addition we build a new Webflow website with easy to use CMS and provided training. The new design system allows various contributors to work seamlessly with their team with the full ongoing support of Millhouse.

Millhouse has been involved in branding for nonprofits since the beginning, as part of our mission to transform through the power of great design and work for great causes.